We really need your help!

To save money I need over 600 signatures on Candidate
Petitions. These petitions are then turned into the Supervisor
of Elections and will save our campaign a substantial
amount of money.

You only need to be a REGISTERED VOTER within Volusia county.

1.) Click on the DOWNLOAD PETITION link below and print
out the petition. 2 petitions will print per page so maybe you
can get a spouse or friend to sign one as well.

2.) Mail it to us because we need the ORIGINAL signed petition.

                                                    Download  Petition

1.) Print YOUR name as it appears on your voter registration card.

2.) You can enter EITHER your birth date MM/DD/YY or your Voter Registration Number also found on your voter registration card.

3.) Your street address.

4.) Your city.

5.) Your zip code.

6.) Your signature.

7.) The date signed MM/DD/YY.

Mail the completed form to: (We cannot accept Faxes or Emails of these petitions as the ORIGINAL SIGNED petition is required)

Roy Johnson
1706 Ridge Ave
Holly Hill, Fl. 32117-1732

Thank you very much for your help.