Roy was born on November 7, 1939, the second of eight children in a hardworking family.

Growing up in Virginia, Roy worked on a farm helping to support his large family. Through hard work, Roy learned at a very early age the importance of commitment, loyalty, a strong work ethic and core family values.

As a veteran of the armed forces, Roy is proud of his service to our great nation. At the age of 18, Roy enlisted in the United States Air Force and was stationed in Texas, Kansas, and Michigan during the wartime era. During his service, Roy was assigned to B-52 & B-47 Combat Bomber bases as well as in-flight KC-97 & KC-135 refueling installations.

He was honorably discharged after seven years of faithful service to our nation.


In 1960, Roy married his wife of 44-years, Marie, and had two sons Roy Johnson, Jr. and Stephen Johnson.
Roy worked as a heavy truck technician in Wichita, Kansas for five years before moving his young family to Volusia County in 1968. Upon settling in the Halifax area, Roy got a job as a mechanic at the "Best Damn Garage in Town" - owned by the famous race car builder Smokey Yunick - working on such cars as the Fabulous Hudson Hornet driven by the legendary Fireball Roberts.
Roy's roots in Volusia County run deep. In 1974 he bought a home for his family n Holly Hill where he still lives today. County Judge and family friend, Leon F. Stewart, co-founder of The Stewart-Marchman Treatment Centers, was the Johnson family's next door neighbor before his passing.
While working at Smokey's Garage, Roy started his own business and was later contracted to maintain a fleet of carnival trucks for Bob Cassata, the inventor of the famous midway game "Whac-A-Mole" and owner of Bob's Space Racers (the world's largest manufacturer of arcade games).
Bob took an immediate liking to Roy and offered him a warehouse bay on his 15-acre property right here in Volusia County. With hard work and perseverance Roy's business flourished, ultimately earning him a spot as the exclusive hydraulic specialty mechanic for Florida Power and Light's entire fleet of bucket trucks and heavy vehicles.
In 1980, Roy purchased commercial property in Holly Hill on Nova Road (just south of the new O'Reilly Auto Parts) and developed the vacant land into a large equipment repair facility. He still owns the property today. After almost three decades as a subcontractor for Florida Power and Light, in 1996 Roy became an employee of the electric utility, earning the title of Lead Technician for the Central Florida region.
As a testament to his stability, Roy officially retired form FP&L after 40-years with the company.
Although officially "retired", Roy still continues his service as President and Chief Financial Officer of Aerial Hydraulics, Inc., a company engaged in specialty projects for Florida Power and Light. He also repairs heavy equipment and hydraulic systems, to include all fire engines and apparatus for the City of Ormond Beach.
Since the beginning, Roy's hard work and commitment to excellence have earned him great success in his personal and professional endeavors. In fact, Roy's company - Aerial Hydraulics, Inc. - has become so profitable that he is now able to support other entrepreneurs and charitable organizations throughout Volusia County. Giving back to the people and place where it all started for him is extremely important to Roy.
Roy understands the struggles of working families. In 1980, Roy's late wife Marie was paralyzed as a result of an automobile accident. As a result, Roy knows first-hand the difficulties faced by disabled members of our community and works hard to ensure accessibility and assistance for citizens with physical challenges.
Unfortunately, in 1994, Roy's oldest son Roy Johnson, Jr. also passed away. His youngest son, Steve, currently resides in Holly Hill.
Roy is extremely proud of his grandson, Roy Johnson, III, who serves as a volunteer firefighter in Flagler Beach giving some 130-hours per month to his community. In addition, Roy, III is the Past President of the Flagler Beach Volunteer Fireman's Association and a Senior Embedded Software Engineer at UNIKEY Technologies. He is married with two boys, Ethan and Logan. His wife, Keri, is a graduate of Stetson University and freelances in social media marketing as well as owning her own environmentally friendly business.
Roy's daughter Deanna grew up in Ormond Beach where she still resides today. Deanna was a cheerleader and member of the Sunsations at Seabreeze High School and later Captain of the Appalachian State University's Elite Dancers. She was also an NFL Cheerleader with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers! With a degree in Industrial Technology Construction, Deanna worked at Florida Power and Light as a Project Manager and System Expansion Engineer. She is now a licensed aesthetician and owns a small salon in Ormond called Spa Diva. She has one son named Dallas.
Roy is also a man of deep faith, and a very active member of the Holly Hill Church of Christ.
Roy Johnson's love for Volusia County inspired him to become involved in community affairs in 2005. Initially, Roy began his public service as a member of the Holly Hill Civil Service Board where he was later elected Chairman.
Building on his civic leadership accomplishments, Roy was elected to two back-to-back terms as Mayor of the City of Holly Hill.
Determination and a true desire to serve are what drive Roy Johnson to succeed, and he is determined to continue his legacy of public service as your elected representative on the Volusia County Council.
Throughout his public service, Roy has demonstrated a true commitment to protecting the environment and preserving our vulnerable natural resources in Volusia County for future generations. This includes protecting your right of beach access and ensuring that ALL residents of Volusia County have an equal voice in issues affecting our beaches and green spaces.
Roy Johnson has proven his commitment to the citizens of Volusia County. He will fight for the rights of all people, not just a select few political insiders.
As a resident of Volusia County, Roy's goals are the same as yours - to make Volusia County a place we are proud to call home while working together to build a strong foundation for the next generation.
While serving as Mayor of the City of Holly Hill, Roy tackled the difficult problems facing our community:

       * Developed an innovative repair and replacement program to restore our underground utilities and ensure the reliability of our water and sewer           infrastructure for generations to come.
       * By personal example, Roy returned integrity to City Hall and restored the public's trust.
      * Understanding the need for strong economic development, Roy's business friendly approach helped bring some thirty new businesses to the          City of Holly Hill, which will help to reduce property taxes in the future.
      * Working closely with Congressman John Mica, Roy was instrumental in securing federal funding for the replacement of the Daytona Avenue          Bridge which saved taxpayers some $800,000 in construction costs.
       * Roy saved his constituents $867,400 in Community Redevelopment Agency funds by renegotiating the interest rate from 4.75% to 2.04%
       * Roy also saved taxpayers thousands of dollars annually by renegotiating the water & sewer utilities loan rate down to 1.95%

Roy Johnson is proud of his service to the citizens of Holly Hill, and now he wants to bring his unique style of participatory leadership and experience to work for District 4!

Roy's vision for a stronger, more vibrant Volusia County includes:

       * Ensure open beach access for all Volusia County residents and visitors!
       * Defend our unique heritage of beach driving and accessibility for all!
       * Stop expensive and counterproductive lawsuits against our own citizens!
       * Push for more effective social services and sheltering for the homeless population!
       * Improve communications between Volusia County government and our citizens!
       * Return integrity and restore the public trust in Volusia County government!
       * Promote effective and responsible economic development!
       * Assist in attracting businesses by increasing confidence in Volusia County government!
       * Reduce the cost of government services through a top-to-bottom cost/benefit analysis!
       * Repair relationships with the Cities and build trust through mutual problem solving!
       * Improve transparency and service delivery at all levels of Volusia County Government!
       * Empower ALL residents of Volusia County - not just political insiders!
       * Protect our precious natural resources!
       * Responsible use of ECHO funds to improve outdoor recreation and leisure opportunities!
      * Take a leadership role in reducing blight, building strong communities, and increasing educational, social, cultural and creative opportunities           for ALL our citizens!
       * Improve diversity in Volusia County government and work to build bridges between our culturally diverse communities!
       * Better management of government buildings, facilities and public assets to ensure effective and efficient public services!
       * Build a culture of cooperation and customer-driven services in Volusia County government!

                                          Paid Political advertisement paid for by in-kind by Steve Johnson Approved by Roy Johnson for Volusia County Council, Dist. 4